Richard Kane Conservation Award

With over 20 years of wildlife rehabilitation and conservation experience, Kelly Simonetti of Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary actively educates her community about their local ecosystems, fostering an appreciation for the wildlife they share it with. Not only does she mentor aspiring wildlife rehabilitators, veterinary interns and wildlife conservation and biology students, inspiring a pursuit of excellence in their fledgling career journeys but she incorporates many of the New Jersey Audubon mission goals into her tutelage. Through her guidance, the students, volunteers and other receive hands-on training for administering care to distressed wildlife patients as well as learning how to educate others on the importance of wildlife conservation. 

Pictured: (Left to right) Brett Ewald, ARWS Founder & Director Kelly Simonetti, and Eric Stiles. Photo Credit: Tina Giaimo. 

The letter from NJ Governor, Philip Murphy. Click on the letter to see it larger.